How mature is your recruitment organization?

maturity - recruitment

The biggest asset for any company today is its workforce. Because of that, businesses are moving from just “hiring people” to hiring the RIGHT people, at the RIGHT cost and the RIGHT time.

As a part of this transformation, many recruiting organizations are moving away from a reactive, traditional model and towards a proactive, strategic one. They four key per-requisites of this new approach is:

  1. Developing sourcing expertise in-house.
  2. Using automation to personalize their job opportunities.
  3. Ensuring the right talent brand messaging is in front of the right candidates.
  4. Giving recruiters access to the right talent pools.

So once you gauge the maturity level of your recruitment organization, you will be able to focus on developing a road-map and building a more efficient and proactive team.

Take this quiz to find out what stage you are in:

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