Fundamentals of Recruitment Marketing

To attract great candidates to your organization, you need to apply great recruitment marketing skills into your recruitment efforts. It’s important to keep in mind that job seekers have nowadays changed the way they look for job opportunities. Regardless of the size of your organization and how much you are willing to spend, the following are the proven steps to help you develop successful recruitment marketing plan with an aim of attracting the perfect kind of talent to your organization:

  1. Develop effective content marketing strategy

Develop content that best describes the culture of your company. This is because prospective hires will want to know why working in your organization is interesting and how it will align with their aspirations. They will want to work for an organization whose values they believe in. In this case, you should consider including a list of benefits of working for your organization. The content should be regularly reviewed and adjusted since the key is to get candidates interested in the job vacancy.

  1. Content distribution

Share content on your social media pages with links back to your website or blog. Keep in mind that first impressions count. You can reach your desirable candidates via email, text, phone call, blog or via any social media channel. In order to get your desired result, it’s important to know the right message to communicate to the candidates.  

  1. Analytics

To ensure successful recruitment marketing, you will need to track progress and make real time progress. Analytics will help you discover characteristics of the best candidates and will also help you discover where, when and how you can effectively distribute content so that it will reach the right prospects.

  1. Technology

The use of recruitment marketing software will help you track engagement and growth of your audience through metrics. It will also help you address specific recruitment challenges so you can update these practices,

  1. Engaging the new hire

Even after hiring candidates, you still need to ensure having an engaged workforce. Make sure that you are well informed about competitor intelligence and market changes. Developing internal communications to keep employees informed about exciting things about your organization. Regularly remind them why they love working in your organization and keep them updated of new job opportunities. Employees feedback will help improve engagement which will lead to success of internal programs, and the attraction of top talent.


Why Care About Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing means marketing your organization to candidates. It can also mean positioning your organization as a great place to work so that all desirable candidates who have the ability to propel your organization will choose you over your competitors.

The major reason of why you should care about recruitment marketing is the fact that you will be able to convince candidates that working for your organization is the best choice they can make.

Recruitment marketing software is a must have for organizations looking to secure top candidates.

How mature is your recruitment organization?

maturity - recruitment

The biggest asset for any company today is its workforce. Because of that, businesses are moving from just “hiring people” to hiring the RIGHT people, at the RIGHT cost and the RIGHT time.

As a part of this transformation, many recruiting organizations are moving away from a reactive, traditional model and towards a proactive, strategic one. They four key per-requisites of this new approach is:

  1. Developing sourcing expertise in-house.
  2. Using automation to personalize their job opportunities.
  3. Ensuring the right talent brand messaging is in front of the right candidates.
  4. Giving recruiters access to the right talent pools.

So once you gauge the maturity level of your recruitment organization, you will be able to focus on developing a road-map and building a more efficient and proactive team.

Take this quiz to find out what stage you are in:

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Social Media Recruiting on Steroids


By now, you must have gotten on board social media in order to recruit new employees. However, due to the large amount of advertisement done via social media platforms, you are struggling to get your jobs noticed. Rest assured you are not alone. This is mainly due to the fact that your plain job ads are not standing out for candidates to see, and are being overtaken by creative content that your marketing team is creating and distributing.

Luckily here is hope for recovery if your business is struggling to make social media work for you. How are your recruiters supposed to find and hire the best talent unless they can attract them to the brand in the first place? This is where learning important marketing skills can come in handy.

So how can recruiters think like marketers? They need to promote their employer brand as something compelling and unique. For example, you can survey current employees and potential recruits to find how they perceive your organization and also how that differs from the image that you are actually trying to convey to potential hires. Another approach would be for your recruiters to survey employees to rank what they find most important about the workplace, in order to compromise and make the workplace inviting. Most importantly, you need to figure out what you can offer that your competitors cannot, and highlight this aspect during your recruitment campaigns. For example, Home Depot created multiple Facebook pages: in addition to a general page, they have a recruitment page where their job postings are listed, as well as a page showcasing the volunteer work their employees perform, which has shown to improve their employee engagement. The Social Media Examiner also listed a number of case studies on the topic. For example, Zappos, an online clothing retailer, uses social media to show their unique employee culture by posting inside looks at the company. They also tweet questions to their employees to answer publicly on Twitter.

In addition to thinking like a marketer, another thing to keep in mind is your “call to action” (CTA) mechanism. Is your job ad compelling enough to entice candidates to click on them and apply to your job opportunities? It is important to know the psychology behind call to action as well as how to make yours stand out. People using the Internet are overwhelmed by advertisements and emails all day, every day, and after awhile, everything starts to look the same and people stop paying attention. That is why it is so important to catch their eye and hold their attention long enough to get them to press that button. A blog by Hightower, a recruitment advertising firm, gives some pointers. For example, compelling colors are often what attract the eye on the webpage. Pick a color for your “CTA” button that contrasts with your design, so that it stands out. The button should also be large enough to be noticed almost immediately, as many people won’t bother reading everything on the page before they’re onto the next thing. Make sure your CTA is clear and tells the reader exactly what that button will do, and use active verbs such as “sign up.” Adding “now” or other immediate action verbs will create a sense of urgency.

There are other ways that posts are being structured to attract an audience in social media. For example, with increased Internet usage through mobile devices, the firm should make sure that their web presence is mobile-friendly. If it is difficult to read your text or reply to your ad through a mobile device, a good portion of the potential recruits could be lost because they could not navigate and gave up. Make sure that your call to action button is big enough to be easily clicked by those using mobile devices. Also surround the button with white space. This will make it stand out more and will also make it easier for mobile users to click.

Another key to attracting recruits is to create concise, focused job descriptions and utilize SEO keywords so that your ads are seen even in search engines. The concise job description will help narrow down the amount of unqualified recruits you get responses from, as well.

There is much to consider when it comes to making your ad stand out in the sea of social media ads. These tips will help make sure that the type of quality recruits you are searching for see your ad.

4 Benefits of a world-class Candidate Experience

Benefits of Candidate Experience

It is becoming increasingly difficult to become one of the best places to work, and we all wish that there were a magic formula to achieving that status.

The companies that get there are the ones that make candidate experience a priority in their sourcing and recruiting practices. There are various avenues to take, ranging from simple enhancements to more complex endeavours. By treating your candidates like you would normally treat your consumers, you will be impacting your bottom line and taking your business to the next level. Essentially, what candidates experience when they apply and interview with your company makes an impression which they will eventually share across the social networks.

If you don’t recruit with candidate experience in mind, you are missing out on top talent who will be turned off by a complex and inefficient application process. They will easily be lured away by the competition that is making an effort in communicating with them, making it easy and fun for them to apply for their jobs, and offering opportunities to interact with people in their company.

A great candidate experience can provide organizations with many benefits. Unfortunately very few of them have attempted to optimize it. According to a recent research, eighty per cent of senior HR and procurement professionals do not regard the candidate experience as a priority in recruitment. But there are, and here are a few key benefits to fostering a positive candidate experience:

Investing in the candidate experience yields more engaged employees. A new employee who experiences an enjoyable hiring process is much more likely to be positive and engaged when they start working for your company than an applicant who was mistreated and neglected by your hiring team. This creates disengaged employees who can have a detrimental impact on your business once hired.

Applicants who benefit from a positive candidate experience can help you build your company’s reputation on social networks which will then make it easier for you to attract top talent. A direct correlation between candidate experience and employer brand has recently been demystified through the following realities:

  1. You are just not hiring employees, but ambassadors of your business.
  2. The people you hire today will determine the kind of culture and brand you build tomorrow.
  3. Your employees are your greatest point of differentiation and the biggest asset in creating a competitive advantage.

Keeping candidates engaged and happy throughout the hiring process, even without hiring them, will make it much more likely for you to get a favorable response when you reach out to them for new positions. This will help you shorten your recruiting cycle and decrease your cost per hire.


A memorable candidate experience is business necessity as it can help you boost sales and profitability. Findings from the Candidate Experience Award competition show that close to 90% of candidates are more likely to buy from a company that gave them a positive candidate experience, irrespective of whether they got hired.

So what’s next?

The first step is to review and audit your application process through the eyes of the candidate. You can also seek feedback from current employees to uncover additional views of anomalies in your application process. Then, create a list of things that need to be inspected further and improved to ensure a more pleasant talent experience. Finally, start implementing changes to improve candidate experience. These can be small tweaks which can be things that you can handle individually or more complex initiatives that require an in-depth cost-benefit analysis and organizational support.

You are different in how you hire and the roles that you need to fill. It is recommend to search for low hanging fruits in order to make the biggest impact.  Build momentum from there and share results with colleagues and peers. Tailor your improvements to your target audience and invest in the ones that will affect the perception of your organization the most. It is equally important to continuously seek feedback from your applicants to keep iterating towards a word-class candidate experience. The reality is it may require an investment in people, technology and social media — but we are confident that the benefits will surpass these costs.